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Considering Karima and Sarah's years of immigration law experience, diverse backgrounds and commitment to the community, Loftin and Masri law firms are uniquely positioned to assist clients with complex immigration issues.

Loftin and Masri law firms strongly believe everyone should have equal access to the law. We offer a paid initial in-person consultation to answer specific questions or to provide general information about the immigration process.

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About Loftin and Masri Law Firms

Loftin & Masri law firms draw upon the considerable immigration experience, history of community work, and professional focus on international human rights issues its attorneys possess.

Once partners, Sarah Loftin and Karima Masri, have now separated in order to create two separate firms located in San Diego, California and Hillsboro, Oregon. Although they are now individually incorporated in California and Oregon and are no longer affiliated with each other, they have maintained the same law firm name to honor their once partnership and history of international legal work and community based outreach.

Sarah and Karima have both worked and volunteered extensively in the immigration legal field. Sarah was the supervising immigration attorney for the Employee Rights Center in San Diego and then transitioned to private practice and opened the Law Office of Sarah Loftin.Similarly, Karima worked for various immigration non-profit organizations and has been recognized for her outstanding pro bono legal work.They have also each worked for the Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Section of the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Karima and Sarah continue to be dedicated to community building by improving access to the law regardless of immigration status. In their respective states and firms, they teach workshops in a variety of settings on topics including: how to obtain legal immigration status, how to assert constitutional rights if detained by immigration authorities, and updates on proposed immigration reform.

Immigration Workshops

Loftin and Masri law firms are committed to community education and outreach. We understand that immigration law is complex and it is difficult to find clear, honest information about the immigration legal process. Many people without stable legal status face stress and insecurity on a daily basis and do not know what to do if immigration authorities or the police stop them. Accordingly, we offer comprehensive "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS" bilingual workshops to prepare people for these complex situations.

Our workshops focus on the following topics:

What you should do if immigration authorities or the police stop you. What are your constitutional rights? How should you respond to questions? What if immigration authorities come to your home or your work? How do you request a court hearing or bond?

How to locate a family member detained by immigration authorities.

What forms of relief are available to halt a deportation if you have lived in the U.S. for a significant period of time, have U.S. citizen family members, have a fear of returning to your home country, or have been a victim of a serious crime.

The most common options for getting a work permit, becoming a lawful permanent resident (green card holder), or becoming a U.S. citizen.

The deferred action process for childhood arrivals DACA

How NOT to be a victim of immigration fraud: How to find trustworthy legal representation, how to contact the California State bar, and how to avoid being the victim of common scams.

Loftin and Masri law firms teach workshops at schools, community centers, non-profit organizations, churches, and individual homes. If you are interested in attending a free community workshop, call our office to find out about upcoming opportunities. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact our office and we will be happy to create a workshop tailored to your group's needs.

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